Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about the original toy line. This article needs additional citations for verification. Hot wheels slot car challenge level Wheels is a brand of 1:64, 1:43, 1:18 and 1:50 scale die-cast toy cars introduced by American toy maker Mattel in 1968. Many automobile manufacturers have since licensed Hot Wheels to make scale models of their cars, allowing the use of original design blueprints and detailing.

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A picture of the rear of Hot Wheels toy car packaging from 2018. This toy car has been packaged in a «Short-Card» style, which is used by grocery stores and other retailers who do not usually stock toys, and do not have large toy display areas. Thus, it is said to be packaged in «International Short Card packaging». It had 2700 diamond chips, a total of almost 23 karats, and was cast in white gold, with rubies serving as taillights. The original Hot Wheels were made by Elliot Handler. In 1968, the first production line of Hot Wheels Cars is known as The Original Sweet 16, which is the first of the Red Line Series, meaning the tires have a red pin stripe on their sides. As it turned out, the Hot Wheels brand was a staggering success.

The series completely disrupted the whole industry for small die-cast car models from 1968 onwards, forcing the competition at Matchbox and elsewhere to completely rethink their concepts, and to scramble to try to recover lost ground. The success of the 1968 line was solidified and consolidated with the 1969 releases, with which Hot Wheels effectively established itself as the hottest brand of small toy car models in the USA. Go» series and are the very first original in-house designs by Hot Wheels. The initial prototypes of the Beach Bomb were faithful to the shape of a real VW Type 2 «bus», and had two surfboards sticking out the back window, in a nod to the VW’s perceived association with the surfing community and the slang term for a person who spends much time surfing — a ‘beach bum’. Hot Wheels designers Howard Rees and Larry Wood modified the casting, extending the side fenders to accommodate the track width, as well as providing a new place on the vehicle to store each of the plastic surfboards.